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Tooth Gem Kit
Tooth Gem Kit

Tooth Gem Kit

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This Tooth Gem Kit is everything you need to start your tooth gem business the Neeziie way. This kit is to be paired with the TOOTH GEM ONLINE TRAINING COURSE. Instructions do not come with this kit only products. The only way you would know how to apply these products correctly is if you take the online training. Buying this kit doesn't give access to online course. Course is a separate cost.

*discount code cannot be applied towards online training kits*

Kit allows for 10 clients to be done immediately because their are 10 tooth gems, but the agents allows for over 50 clients. (value $1500 in revenue) 


Kit includes:

All special agents for bonding of tooth gems (3 step process and allows for up to 50 clients) 

Tooth Gems (10)

Tweezers (1)

Microfiber brushes (10)

Cotton Rolls (20)

NeeziieBabiie Curing Light (1) 




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